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And the reviews are in... 

Bitter Fruit is a hit!

Teresa, Maria’s mother, is played by

Michele Burdette Elmore. I called her “a knockout performer” when I saw her in “Whoopee” some thirty-two years ago. She’s not dancing quite so fast now, but she’s still a knockout performer. And such an expressive face!

Steve Callahan, KDHX

Combatting that sketchiness of character in the script,

Ms. Burdette Elmore displays a bombastic matronly air as Teresa, something we normally associate with comedy. It adds a giddy sensibility that evolves into something alarming. This is when her clownishness flowers and decays into something mad, and almost lurid to behold. It's a side of Ms. Burdette Elmore (a regular ensemble member at Stages St. Louis) that we never get to see, otherwise.

Richard Green, Talkin’ Broadway/St. Louis Regional

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